Meare and Westhay Fundraising Team (MWFT)

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The Meare and Westhay Fundraising Team are a Not for Profit committee formed from local residents to focus on organising events to benefit our immediate community.

The team aim to organise a variety of events throughout the year to enable us to then hold Free or subsidised events. We will endeavour to include all age groups in the parish. The free events will be open to Meare and Westhay residents only but subsidised events may be open to the wider community if agreed by the team. A percentage of our profits will be banked and put towards a larger project.

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Monthly events:

MWFT 100 Club – Monthly Prize Draw

The 100 Club is a lottery open to people over 16 in Meare and Westhay and their family and friends. The draw is carried out at the Lazy Sunday Breakfast with the lucky winner taking 50% of that months income.

The aim of the 100 club is the raise funds to be used within our community or to subsidise events in Meare and Westhay as decided by the committee. In 2021 we planted flowers throughout our villages and during 2022 we created two wild flower areas from 100 club profit. In 2023  we will be donating the profits of the 100 club to the Youth Group of the parish, helping them raise the funds towards an outside sports facility.

If you are free to help with the maintenance please contact us on

This is a great way for you to support the community whilst having a bit of a flutter !

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