Parish Council Agenda – May 2022

Agendas Uploaded on February 2, 2023

Meare Parish Council

Langata, High Street, Aller, Langport – TA10 0QN



You are summoned to a meeting of the Parish Council

To be held on Monday 16th May 2022, 7.30 pm in The Chapel, Church Path

Public Participation: If you would like to address the Council, please contact the clerk to request a speaking slot.

Welcome to new councillors – led by the Parish Clerk to include:

a. Declarations and Acceptance of Office*

b. Register of Members Interests*

c. SALC – Councillors Training programme

  1. Election of Chair
  2. Chairman’s Acceptance of Office
  3. Election of Deputy Chair
  4. Apologies for absence. (LGA 1972 s85 (1))
  5. Declarations of Interest
  6. Minutes of the meeting held on 25th April 2022
  7. Representation to organisation
  8. Highways Updates 
        1. Main Road, Westhay – pavement resurface
        2. Road sweeping – Meare
        3. Gully and Pot emptying
        4. Installation of posts to locate SID in Westhay
        5. Road name signs installed in Westhay at junction of Burtle and Shapwick Roads
        6. Burtle Road signpost update
  9. Planning matters
    1. Short presentation from the clerk on Parish Councillors input to planning to include Material Considerations*.
    2. Application No 2022/-0920/HSE – Replace existing derelict skittle alley with a new detached ancillary building. Applicant: Mr P Pearce. Location: Ferlingmere House, 18, St Mary’s Road, Meare
    3. Application 2022/0864/LBC – as above

    Please note, a site visit has been arranged for 6.45pm on Monday 16th May.

  10. Insurance
  11. Village Hall and Playing Field Charity 
    1. Update on the parish application for a loan from the Public Works Loan Board
    2. Proposed conditions for the draw down of the loan
    3. Governance arrangements for the Village Hall and Playing Field Charity
  12. Finances
    1. Appointment of account signatories
    2. Request from the clerk for the council to consider On-line banking
    3. Appointment of Internal Auditor
    4. Summary of accounts
    5. Bank Reconciliation
    6. Invoices to be paid
  13. S137 Grant Requests
    1. Meare Parish Magazine fund
  14. General Parish Items for discussion
    1. Defibrillator training
    2. Playing field mowing rota
    3. Councillor prepared to monitor signage
    4. Councillor to take responsibilities for the SID
    5. Councillor prepared to check defibrillators
    6. Councillor to take responsibility for cctv cameras
    7. Councillors to take responsibilities for notice board updates
  15. Review of Councillors Code of Conduct*
  16. Review of Standing Orders*
  17. Review of Financial Regulations*
  18. Review of Parish Assets*
  19. Presentation of a Social Media Policy for Meare Parish Council*
  20. Community Engagement – statement of intent*
  21. Equal Opportunities Policy*
  22. Code of Practice for handling complaints*
  23. Health and Safety Policy*
  24. Summary of actions
  25. Next meeting will be on Monday 20th June 2022, 7.30pm in the Chapel

*Denotes – circulated with the agenda

Clerk to the Council

Gerard Tucker

The Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital status and disability), Crime and Disorder, Health and Safety and Human Rights.

Prior to the start of the meeting, public participation will take place.

Questions and comments are invited from members of the public immediately prior to Council meetings. The session is limited to 15 minutes and to a maximum of three minutes for each participant.