Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre

Avalon Marshes Visitor Centre

The Avalon Marshes Visitor Centre can be found about half a mile on the road from Westhay to Shapwick. It serves as a central point of information for all of the reserves.

The centre has an art gallery with informational leaflets for all of the reserves.

It also incorporates the physical archeology group of the Somerset Heritage Trust which make reconstructions of ancient buildings. They are building a Roman Villa and a Saxon Long Hall based on the one in Cheddar.

The Avalon Marshes Website is pretty comprehensive with information about the reserves, the archeology and the history of the area including the parish of Meare and Westhay. Their website lists a number of events and activities going on some of which are listed in the calendar.

They also have a YouTube channel too with lots of short clips of wildlife seen around the reserves.