The Parish Council works as a whole based on collective responsibility, but each councillor has additional areas of responsibility undertaken on behalf of all.

Meare Parish CounciRoles & Responsibilities: 

Chair: Chris Bennetts

Vice Chair: Nicky Hoskins

Finance Committee: Chris Bennetts, Nicky Hoskins, Tristan Foster

Somerset Waste Partnership Representative: Chris Bennetts, Lee Gage

Website Administrator: Jane Field

Social Media Administrator: Tristan Foster, Chris Bennetts

Avalon Marshes Representative: Jane Field

Speed Awareness Officer: Tristan Foster

Playing Fields Upkeep: Tristan Foster, Colin Foster

Village Defibrillators: Lee Gage

Children’s play area: Nicky Hoskins

Playing Fields CCTV System: Nicky Hoskins, Teresa James, Gayle Richards

Church Room Committee Parish Council Representative: Gayle Richards, Colin Foster

Parish Paths Liaison Officer: Alan Wren

War Memorial: Alan Wren