Westhay School Rooms

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Westhay School Room:

The Schoolroom consists of a main hall, a kitchen and a small meeting room.

The cost of hire is £9.00 per hour, this includes electricity, the use of the kitchen and crockery, also the use of table and chairs. Hirers are expected to clean up after use, and to remove any rubbish from the premises.

The following dates are noteworthy for 2023

  • Apr 3rd. 7:30pm. Committee meeting.
  • May 7th. 3:00pm. King Charles Coronation Tea Party.
  • Jul 15th. 6.30pm. Village BBQ.
  • Sept 22nd. 7.30pm. Harvest Festival and Sale.
  • December 18th. 7:00pm. Carols and Christmas Music.

Events held in 2022 were well attended, especially the Queens Jubilee Tea. We hope to mark to Kings Coronation this year. The Schoolroom Committee had donated the sum of £418.00, to various charities, in the past year.

Cafe Westhay continues to be a regular welcome feature of village life, being held on the first Saturday of most months, between February and December.

Unfortunately the Schoolroom Committee has been hit, as has everyone else, with the surging cost of electricity; mainly caused by the high standing charges which everyone has to pay. It was therefore regrettable that we will have to raise the hire charge to £9.00 per hour, simply to cover the increased cost of electricity. We are of course grateful for the rate relief that we receive from Mendip District Council.

For bookings please contact Ann Moss (details below)

  • Contact Info :

  • Telephone: 01458 860853