Villager of the Year Award 2022

Our Villager of the Year Award goes to people who live in the parish of Meare and go that extra mile. We present the award in recognition of their contribution to our community and as a thank you for the work they have carried out which has benefitted our two villages.

Our Villager of the Year for 2022 works tirelessly for both villages.  She will help out on any committee and support any organisation that she can (including the Ladies Group, MPAG, MWFT, the Youth Fundraising group, the New Village Hall project to name a few) and she does not get involved in any village ‘politics’.  She is one of the most community focussed people we know. She helped out and cooked for the Warm Space project, she was fundamental in coordinating the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and helped with the Kings Coronation celebrations. 

When the future of the village magazine came under review last year, she even offered to edit this free of charge to help keep this publication going.  This just goes to show her kind-hearted nature and our belief that everything she does for this village really is with the best interest of the villages and their parishioners. She doesn’t ask for any thanks or adoration, public or otherwise, for the work that she does and a lot of it is done behind the scenes, with a massive smile on her face.  

To be able to show her our thanks we would like her to be Villager of the Year 2022.

Congratulations to Caroline Sanderson!